This is my official site.

I’m building and managing the site “mice elf” (as Sly and the Family Stone might say), so forgive me if it lacks polish.

Thanks for checking it out.


(By the way, my first name is pronounced “Li´ nok,” with a short i sound, but just call me Randon.)


18 comments on “Home

  1. William (Bill) Holderman on said:

    Read the few pages of your book will have to get a copy. Lileah gave the title of your book today as I was having a blood draw to see why my pace maker tripped Sunday afternoon. Would really like to meet you some time. Praying for your medical issue.

  2. Pam Brown on said:

    I enjoyed reading your book this weekend. I work with your wife.

  3. Joyce Maldonado on said:

    Woohoo. Found your book on Amazon and am looking forward to reading it.
    I think of you guys & miss working with Lileah soooo much. Wishing you the best.

  4. I have prayed for you and He always answers my prayers.

  5. Bill Holderman on said:

    Your presentation and and reading went very well. The little humor also was a nice addition. I wish you the best with the book. Just about through it, other things in life have taken a little more time to complete the book. Nice meeting you also.

  6. Amy Sturms on said:

    Heard that you were going to be on Talk of Iowa, and thought your name rang a bell. My son & I used to take lessons with Lark at CRKI – I loved her because she reminded me of myself at that age: poised, quiet, and extremely bright! I am so sorry to hear about your illness. I’ll be keeping you, Lark & Lileah in my thoughts. And I’ll be buying your book. -Amy

  7. Pam Hackbarth on said:

    I purchased your book at New Bo Books. I started AND finished it yesterday because I couldn’t put it down. I loved it! It was a perfect Ohio, I mean Iowa, day to enjoy the sunshine and your fun book!

    Thank you!

  8. Pamela Wood on said:

    Sarah Sent me your book as part of my hip replacement recovery program. I know you probably autographed it in March, but the arrival of the package last week was perfectly timed.
    I wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. You have your own very distinct “voice.”
    Rare in this kind of story is the way you convey the relationship between Lee and Noah. Friendship between men that feels real isn’t common in this kind of story. The humor is great, but time as an 8th grade teacher has warped my sense of humor, I am told. The pacing of the story moved well. Liked the reality of the romance. A suggestion: Don’t call the book silly.

    • Thanks, Pam. Hope your hip replacement recovery is going well. I’ve known a few people who have had that operation, and they’ve been quite happy to walk pain-free once the recovery period is over.
      I’ve taught grades K-8 as well as having been a police officer, and I suspect I warped the kids’ sense of humor instead of the other way around.
      I’m so glad the voice came through. After working on something for so long, one can only hope it will be received as intended.
      It was intended to be a silly book, but cancer made me alter the tone somewhat. I decided I wanted to put more of myself on the pages if this was to be my only completed novel. I’ve struggled with how to categorize it. Ideas?

  9. Christine Grandon on said:

    read my daughter’s copy and really enjoyed it, especially since I’m from CR and moved to TX!! Also, Noh’s religious feelings mirror mine!! Also, coincidence, i had just finished Suspect by Robert Crais and you are WAY better!! His protagonist was predictable and made stupid choices. As i said, you are way better. Don’t quit writing and i hope “the Gods” smile on you and make you well again!

  10. Christine Grandon on said:

    just finished my daughter’s copy of your book, having just finished Robert Crais’ Suspect by coincidence and you are way better than he is! I liked Noh and Lee so much! My religious journey mirrors Noh’s very closely and coincidentally was raised in Cedar Rapids but moved to Texas for work. Please keep writing with confidence, and I hope “the Gods” smile on you with complete recovery.

    • Thanks so much, Christine. Chemo has been kicking my derrière, and my 2nd novel is giving me a little trouble, so your kind words have uplifted my sagging spirits.

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