The Cancer, pt. 2 – Cancer Sucks, But I’m Still a Lucky Guy

My first-line chemotherapy has failed and I feel like a guy who tried to disarm a bomb but cut the wrong wire.

Now the timer has sped up.

The second-line chemo has been kicking my taut derrière, and my 2nd novel is giving me a little trouble, so my spirits have been sagging.

Then I got the following uplifting comments on my website:

Christine Grandon on October 18, 2014 at 4:16 pm said:

read my daughter’s copy and really enjoyed it, especially since I’m from CR and moved to TX!! Also, Noh’s religious feelings mirror mine!! Also, coincidence, i had just finished Suspect by Robert Crais and you are WAY better!! His protagonist was predictable and made stupid choices. As i said, you are way better. Don’t quit writing and i hope “the Gods” smile on you and make you well again

Christine Grandon on October 18, 2014 at 4:23 pm said:

just finished my daughter’s copy of your book, having just finished Robert Crais’ Suspect by coincidence and you are way better than he is! I liked Noh and Lee so much! My religious journey mirrors Noh’s very closely and coincidentally was raised in Cedar Rapids but moved to Texas for work. Please keep writing with confidence, and I hope “the Gods” smile on you with complete recovery.

Now I realize that I’m a lucky guy and I should re-focus on the good.

I have a great wife and daughter who cheerfully assist me when my body isn’t up to snuff.

One sister and her husband and kids visit and check in regularly. My other sister keeps me up to date on the latest therapies.

My wife’s family both in Cedar Rapids and out of town consistently let me know they are thinking of me.

My neighbors read my novel for their book club and invited me to discuss it with them.

My three brothers-from-other-mothers call, email, text, and visit.

My bluesman cousin from Austin lifechecks me regularly.

A brilliant former co-worker/haiku laureate from my technical writing days agreed with a smile to be a beta reader for my 2nd novel.

The Writing Lads still get together most Sundays as we have for nearly four years, supporting each other’s efforts.

Cancer sucks, but my life doesn’t.  I’m a lucky guy.

(But I wouldn’t say no to a cure.)