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Memoirs Book Trailer & Teaser

I love reading. Reading is fun, at least when I’m making the choice of what I read.

As a writer, I try to write material that is fun to read, even if it happens to contain serious material.

Now, as a promoter of my novels, I try to make publicity fun and to give myself, and hopefully others, a giggle or two.

In collaboration with director gthomas, I have created a book trailer that is, in keeping with my personality, silly. Additionally, we created a teaser trailer for the full-length trailer, keeping with the tradition of overblown Hollywood hype.

Full Book Trailer for Memoirs of a Dead White Chick

Thanks to the lovely and talented Mona Aossey & Betty Jean Furgerson for acting in my first ever book trailer. Also, a huuuge debt of gratitude to the somewhat less lovely, but unquestionably talented bassist, Mark Harris, of Venice, the Pine Mountain Logs, and The Mark Harris Experience.

Special thanks to director gthomas for putting up with and improving upon my wacky ideas, and to Bryan Cline, Rob Cline, and Dennis W. Green for taking part in my silliness.

Much love, y’all!

I’ll leave it up to you, my friends, to ask the obvious question about my teaser. And just for kicks, is there a hardcore Nirvana fan out there that gets the sappy reference in the trailer?

Cure GIST.

Lennox Randon

Book Trailer Teaser for Memoirs of a Dead White Chick

Director – gthomas

Writer & Original Music – Lennox Randon

Production Asst. – Bryan Cline


Mona Aossey as The Dreamer

Betty Jean Furgerson as Harriet Tubman

Mark Harris as World Renowned Bassist, composer, and educator, Mark Harris (of Venice, Pine Mountain Logs, & The Mark Harris Experience)

Bryan Cline as The Interviewer

Dennis W. Green as Snapping Lad #1

Rob Cline as Snapping Lad #3


The Bunny as Himself

The production budget prohibited travel to the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and the moon to film.
Therefore, images and footage from Adobe Stock, VideoBlocks, Pond5, and Shutterstock were used to make this video.  Credits for individual media are listed at the following link: