Kyle Eastwood, Bassist, Has My Novel

Autographed copy of Kyle Eastwood's latest CD
Autographed copy of Kyle Eastwood’s latest CD

I gave a copy of Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers to bassist extraordinaire Kyle Eastwood on Tuesday night during the intermission of his quintet’s show at CSPS in Cedar Rapids.  In return, he signed my copy of his latest CD.

Kyle said he spends a lot of time on planes, so he’s glad to have something new to read.

Meeting Eastwood is especially cool for me because I mentioned Kyle’s bass prowess on the bottom of page 228 of my novel, never imagining I’d see him live.  In the January 5, 2006 issue of The Gazette, our local newspaper, I even wrote a blurb about how I thought Eastwood’s Paris Blue was the best CD of the prior year.

Kyle and his band were outstanding. I own five of his CD’s but until I saw him live, I did not know how truly incredible he is on the basses.  The entire quintet was tight and soulful.

On March 7, 1980 I saw Jaco Pastorius perform with Weather Report, and on June 28, 1981 I saw Stanley Clarke perform.  Kyle’s performance was on par with those cats – that’s how good he was!

CSPS was a wonderful, intimate venue and the packed house responded well to the show.

Kyle was very gracious about signing autographs and posing for photos both at intermission and after the show.

It was a very cool night for me.  Chalk up another wonderful experience for my bonus years.

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Albums-My Favorite Things, pt. 1

CDsIf you’ve read my novel, you suspect my love of music.  Since I was a wee wisp of a lad, I’ve loved music.  My first favorite song was Ray Charles’ “Hit the Road, Jack.” James Brown was my first favorite singer, and The Temptations were my first favorite group.

I’d been planning to post a favorite albums list for a while, and when I looked at the Influential Albums list referenced by cousin Angela Sloan, I decided the time is right. However, this is not an important or influential albums list.  This is a makes-me-happy list.

I own plenty of influential albums, but they are not necessarily the ones I love to listen to any time – I have to be in the mood for them.  The Beatles, Nirvana and Narada Michael Walden just missed the cut.

How did I decide on the albums for this particular list?

Firstly, I must love or really like over half of the songs.  If I have to ask myself, “Now how does that song go?” for more than one track, it probably won’t make the cut.

It must be an album I’ve listened to all the way through more times than I can remember and still enjoy.  They must be complete albums.

The album must be from my collection of approximately 1000 LP’s, 8 track tapes, cassettes, digital albums, and CD’s.

I have decided to only list one album per artist, or at least not give one artist more than a single slot.  This is difficult with cats that I own large number of albums by, like Stevie Wonder (13 albums), Pat Metheny (28), and George Benson (13).

If you have an opinion on which album is best by the artists for whom I listed more than one album, please help.

And, yes, the 70’s are highly represented – I’m old.

Anyway, here are my semi-finalists:

1)    Al Jarreau – Look To the Rainbow    LP    1977
2)    Antonio Carlos Jobim & Various Artists – The Girl From Ipanema:  The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook    CD    1995
3)    Bob Marley – Legend – The Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers         LP    1984
4)    Brainstorm – Journey to the Light    LP    1978
5)    Branford Marsalis – Renaissance    LP    1987
6)    Deniece Williams – Gonna Take A Miracle: The Best of Deniece Williams    CD    1996
7)    Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms    Cassette    1985
8)    Earth, Wind and Fire

  • a)    All ‘N All    LP    1977
  • b)    Gratitude    LP    1975

9)    George Duke – Reach for It    LP    1977
10)    George Benson

  • a)    Tenderly    CD    1989
  • b)    Give Me the Night    LP    1980
  • c)    Livin’ Inside Your Love    LP    1979
  • d)    Weekend in L.A.    LP    1978

11)    Heatwave

  • a)    Central Heating    LP    1978
  • b)    Too Hot to Handle    LP    1977

12)    Herbie Hancock – Sunlight    LP    1978
13)    Herbie Hancock, Dexter Gordon, et al

  • a)    Round Midnight    LP    1986
  • b)    The Other Side of Round Midnight    LP    1986

14)    Hubert Laws – Say It With Silence     LP    1978
15)    Isley Brothers

  • a)    Forever Gold     LP    1977
  • b)    Go For Your Guns     8 track    1977

16)    James Taylor – Greatest Hits    LP    1976
17)    Janet Jackson – janet.    CD    1993
18)    Joe Jackson – Night and Day    LP    1982
19)    John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman    CD    1963
20)    John Mayer – Inside Wants Out    CD    1999
21)    Johnny Guitar Watson – Ain’t That a Bitch    8 track     1976
22)    Kenny Loggins

  • a)    Celebrate Me Home     LP    1977
  • b)    Leap of Faith     CD    1992
  • c)    Return to Pooh Corner     CD    1994

23)    Kevin Eubanks – Guitarist    LP    1983
24)    Koop – Waltz for Koop    MP3    2001
25)    Lenny White – Streamline    LP    1978
26)    Manhattan Transfer – Extensions    LP    1979
27)    Marvin Gaye

  • a)    After the Dance     LP    1976
  • b)    What’s Going On    LP     1971

28)    Melody Gardot – iTunes Live from SoHo – EP     MP3    2009
29)    Michael Franks

  • a)    Tiger in the Rain    LP    1979
  • b)    One Bad Habit    LP    1980

30)    Michael Henderson

  • a)    Goin’ Places    LP    1977
  • b)    In the Night-Time    LP    1978

31)    Michael Jackson – Off the Wall    LP    1979
32)    The Jacksons – Destiny    LP    1978
33)    Miles Davis

  • a)    Kind of Blue    CD    1959
  • b)    Kind Of Blue 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition    CD/LP    2009

34)    Pat Metheny Group / Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays

  • a)    Pat Metheny Group     LP    1978
  • b)    American Garage    LP    1979
  • c)    Offramp    LP    1982
  • d)    First Circle    LP    1984
  • e)    The Falcon and The Snowman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack     CD    1985
  • f)    STILL life (talking)     LP    1987
  • g)    As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls     LP    1981 1980

35)    Paul Simon – Graceland    LP    1986
36)    Peter Gabriel

  • a)    So    LP    1986
  • b)    Plays Live    LP    1983

37)    Parliament – Mothership Connection    LP    1975
38)    Phil Collins – Face Value    LP    1981
39)    The Police

  • a)    Regatta de Blanc    LP    1979
  • b)    Outlandos d’Amour    LP     1978
  • c)    Zenyatta Mondatta    LP    1980
  • d)    Synchronicity    LP    1983

40)    Prince – For You     LP    1978
41)    Quincy Jones – Back on the Block    CD    1989
42)    Rare Silk – New Weave    LP    1983
43)    Rickie Lee Jones – Girl At Her Volcano    CD    1983
44)    Rufus feat. Chaka Khan – Ask Rufus    LP    1977
45)    Sergio Mendes -Timeless     CD    2006
46)    Steely Dan – Aja    LP    1977
47)    Stevie Wonder

  • a)    Innervisions    LP    1973
  • b)    Music of my Mind    LP    1972
  • c)    Songs in the Key of Life    LP    1976
  • d)    Talking Book    LP    1972

48)    Sting – The Dream of the Blue Turtles     LP    1985
49)    Swing Out Sister – It’s Better To Travel    CD    1987
50)    Tears For Fears – Songs From The Big Chair    LP    1985
51)    The Brothers Johnson – Right On Time        LP        1977
52)    Weather Report – Mr. Gone     LP    1978


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