Kyle Eastwood, Bassist, Has My Novel

Autographed copy of Kyle Eastwood's latest CD
Autographed copy of Kyle Eastwood’s latest CD

I gave a copy of Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers to bassist extraordinaire Kyle Eastwood on Tuesday night during the intermission of his quintet’s show at CSPS in Cedar Rapids.  In return, he signed my copy of his latest CD.

Kyle said he spends a lot of time on planes, so he’s glad to have something new to read.

Meeting Eastwood is especially cool for me because I mentioned Kyle’s bass prowess on the bottom of page 228 of my novel, never imagining I’d see him live.  In the January 5, 2006 issue of The Gazette, our local newspaper, I even wrote a blurb about how I thought Eastwood’s Paris Blue was the best CD of the prior year.

Kyle and his band were outstanding. I own five of his CD’s but until I saw him live, I did not know how truly incredible he is on the basses.  The entire quintet was tight and soulful.

On March 7, 1980 I saw Jaco Pastorius perform with Weather Report, and on June 28, 1981 I saw Stanley Clarke perform.  Kyle’s performance was on par with those cats – that’s how good he was!

CSPS was a wonderful, intimate venue and the packed house responded well to the show.

Kyle was very gracious about signing autographs and posing for photos both at intermission and after the show.

It was a very cool night for me.  Chalk up another wonderful experience for my bonus years.

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