Saint Lance, the Munificent

Just to be obstinate, I’m gonna put it out there.

I don’t believe Lance.  He didn’t cheat.  No steroids.  Ever.  He just confessed to shut people up.  He actually won fair and square.

Since few were going to believe him when he professed his innocence, he pretended to be guilty to quiet those who wouldn’t stop hounding him.  Maybe not tomorrow or next month or next year, but someday, people will realize what a saint he was to shoulder the blame and put the focus back on cancer research.

There, I said it!

Author: Lennox Randon

Randon, a writer battling metastatic GIST cancer (gastrointestinal stromal tumors), currently lives in Iowa with his wife Lileah.

One thought on “Saint Lance, the Munificent”

  1. I agree with what you said, but he should not have admitted to anything.

    He should have continued to say he had not used the drugs, he was not going to spend a lot of time and millions of dollars on lawyers to prove he did not use the drugs. The people accusing him should check out the hundreds of drug test that he had passed during his career and he should have left it at that.

    There is no proof that he used the drugs, all they have is hearsay from others who are under the gun to rat out someone so they can save themselves.

    This is never going to go away as long as he makes any type of comment about this circus.

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