In April of 1996, Lee and I took an AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) course and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.  And none of that tandem stuff -- we went solo.

I love music.  I have no training (so don’t expect greatness) but thought it would be cool to put music I created on this site that evokes certain moods from my novel.  Songs were created in GarageBand, using loops, a MIDI keyboard, and live instrument recording.


Danger Averted (End Theme)

Imagine the end credits of a movie about my novel rolling.  This song was created to make the reader excited and upbeat about the movie/novel and leave the experience with a good feeling.

Smith & Jones Theme

This tune is meant to hearken back to the cool detective series of the 60’s.

Missing Iowa

I composed very this simple song on piano and asked my sister to add little flourishes to it.

Discreetly Investigating

Music for private investigators skulking about.


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