Top 11 Reasons to Read Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers, Branches, & Murder By The Slice

Beyond their obvious literary merit, here are the top 11 reasons to read our books. (A list which is not at all like Letterman’s Top 10 because it’s one more, isn’t it? It’s not ten.)

11.  Nary a single hunky vampire, werewolf or Chupacabra graces the pages of these tomes!

10.  We ardently adhere to the fifth Rule of Peaceful Pizza Delivery. [Ch.28, MBTS]

9.     Content is guaranteed Gluten-Free and Bieber-Free with no MSG, Zero calories, and no soporific content.

8.     Each novel is less than an eighth of an SPL thick. [Ch.3, FDBL]

7.     No documented permanent harmful side effects have been attributed to our books. (not yet verified by FDA or CDC)

6.     Generations of readers from Alma to Zelle want to know the secret of Branches.  See if you can figure it out.

5.     Zombie-proof. Nuff said!

4.     Not inspired by Reality TV

3.     They’re Hipster-rific.

2.     Each book was crafted in the good ole U S of A.

1.     Over one dozen Amazon reviewers can’t be wrong.

Author: Lennox Randon

Randon, a writer battling metastatic GIST cancer (gastrointestinal stromal tumors), currently lives in Iowa with his wife Lileah.

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